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Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Sunrise Meadow Farm has been super busy putting together our Artisan Soap Collection for the upcoming Holiday season and beyond. For this blog post, I want to highlight the handmade soaps that are for sale starting this week. I have been crafting recipes for products, including two new options that are beautifully executed and smell great!

The first is what we are calling our Lemon BEE-utiful bar! With added Bee Pollen, it started with three vegetable oils, olive, coconut, and castor- for a truly VEGAN soap. I added some Yellow Twist Mica for a buttery pale yellow layer and lemon essential oil for a bright scent!

To mimic a honeycomb, I used bubble wrap (yep, bubble wrap!) and sprinkled on a few calendula petals. Here is a picture of what the bar looks like sliced:

My friends are saying it looks like a slice of lemon meringue kind of does!

The other new soap I created is a lavender lemon soap. This one has a little hint of orchid mica for color on the top.

Delicately balanced with lavender and lemon essential oils, it came out looking like a piece of rice paper. So pretty!

The tobacco and bay leaf loaf I created is NOT VEGAN, but the texture is really cool on this one! It has mica on the top for a little bit of shimmer.

The Rocky Mountain Rose bar was designed with my new husband in mind. September was our first anniversary and I created a soap that reminded me of our trip to Colorado over the holidays a few years ago. Scented with a mixture of piney woods and rose, it has rose kaolin clay and a tiny vein of activated charcoal. Oh, and I sprinkled a bit of Egyptian Rose petals on the surface in honor of our trip to Cairo and the Great Pyramids in 2015.

Here is what it looks like in the mold:

And here is a photo of it sliced into bars:

I am planning a few more batches of handmade soap this weekend, I think something springy and clean scented might be on the list.

All of our artisan soaps are handmade, using recipes created by me, Dawn. My imagination gets inspired by the materials around me- I have dried Lemon Verbena leaves from King and King Ranch (Fillmore, CA), oregano, alyssum, and a few other botanicals I may try to incorporate into new batches. Each batch takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to cure, my first batch, our Artisan Lavender, is finally ready for delivery this week and customers have started purchasing.

I am enjoying coming up with new ways to take oils and make them into wonderful artisan products! Stay tuned...more art to come!

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