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A little vaca...

Well, it turns out that burning the candle at both ends is NOT a good strategy to get things done! Balancing a lot at once leads to a lower resistence, and the cost is not feeling well. Thank goodness I am able to take some time at home to relax, but for the next week I will be focused on getting my spring soaping collections designed and manufacturing schedule created.

In the mean time, you can purchase our in stock collections of soaps and bath/body products! Next week, some of our artisan collection soaps will be available, including Rocky Mountain Rose, Lavender, Peppermint Chocolate!

Stay tuned for more holiday 2020 options, including a Hannukah soap, a sparkly ornament soap, and Balsam Citrus Bars and Holiday Bars available. I lOVE sparkles and so some of my newest creations will bring a bit of light and bright to the season!

It has been fun searching for new recipes and new ways to share my love for all things natural with you! I am working on a Napa collection, which will include a Cabernet inspired soap, a champagne inspired soap, and my favorite summer beverage, a Gin and Tonic soap. Bubbles, sparkles, and the sharp bite of juniper and a few of MY Favorite things.

So...stay tuned! Sunrise Meadow Farm is committed to providing the best in locally sourced products. We have a new beekeeper to provide honey and bee pollen, a favorite rancher who gives us beautiful botanicals, AND a new goat milk provider...

You can listen to us on October 25, 2020 on BlogTalkRadio on my show, Sunrise Meadow Farm! Tune in at 8AM on Sunday where I will talk about Entrepreneurial Life and how it empowers! Until then, my friends, stay safe and well and be SOAPFUL!


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