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At the Altadena Farmers Market...

Today, I dropped off my first batch of orders for the Altadena Farmers Market. How exciting to be a part of this community effort and Stacey (who runs the show) is amazing!

The market itself is no-contact and with the weather being so incredibly warm, many customers opted for delivery this week.

Every customer had a bag or box, which contained a list of their purchases. The entire production was so very organized, with the bags/boxes arranged in alphabetical order and a separate area for the delivery orders. Those who decide to pick up their orders have designated times to do so based on their last name; again, it is super organized!

As this is my first farmers market ever to be involved in as a vendor, I found the experience so easy- the volunteers were extremely helpful, kind, and excited to be there (even though it was close to 100 degrees this morning).

I am happy to be a new vendor at the Altadena Farmers Market- looking forward to serving the soapy needs of my community!

For more information on the Altadena Farmers Market ( Altadena, CA), click on the image below to find out more about how you can order from all of the vendors that participate!

Thank you to the Altadena Farmers Market for welcoming Sunrise Meadow Farm to you community of local vendors. #altadenafarmersmarket #sunrisemeadowfarm #naturalsoaps

Off to start on next week's offerings. Happy shopping!


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